The philosophy of Ixya

The union of nature and science to reveal authentic beauty, through the secrets of the primordial elements of Ischia. Our philosophy starts from the search for authenticity to achieve our final goal, nourishing beauty through health. We promote the idea that beauty comes from a total connection between nature, science and inner balance.

Our identity

What distinguishes Ixya from other skincare brands



Ixya chooses to use exclusive ingredients from the island of Ischia. The elements most linked to our identity are hyperthermal water and dermoalgae, especially spirulina, grown in hyperthermal water in our factories.



Every ingredient used in our products is grown, harvested and processed in Ischia. This not only allows us to offer superior quality to our customers, but also allows us to take care of the island, just as the island takes care of us.



We don't just treat external symptoms, but consider skin health as an integral part of the overall well-being of body and mind. From this holistic approach, our concept of skincare was born: not just aesthetic treatment but personal care.

The company

This is Ixya

Ixya is the Ischia-based skincare brand of Plants&Nature, a company with over 30 years of experience in phytotherapy. Our research and development team specializes in the production of natural products made with innovative techniques, dedicated to beauty and well-being.
For us, beauty is a consequence of health. Feeling good and looking your best are interconnected, and this belief guides our approach in every aspect.
The Ixya line was born from our deep relationship with the island and from the desire to enhance the beneficial elements that make it a unique destination in the world in the selfcare panorama.



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Beauty Lounge

Beauty Lounge

Places to enjoy Ixya's wellness and beauty protocols, in the heart of the most beautiful thermal parks on the island.
Thermal parks

The Beauty Lounges and the connection with the parks

Our Beauty Lounges offer exclusive beauty treatments in the renowned thermal parks of Negombo and Castiglione. Famous for their beneficial waters, these parks represent the essence of the most extraordinary things Ischia has to offer. The lush nature in which they are immersed is an integral part of the search for well-being and beauty promoted by Ixya. This is why our centers are located within these inimitable places. The Beauty Lounges are not simple beauty centers, but places in which to rediscover beauty and serenity, as well as a deep contact with the incomparable environment of Ischia.