Identikit of hyperthermal water

According to the definition of medical hydrology, hyperthermal water is characterized by a significantly higher temperature at the source than traditional thermal waters. The high temperature allows it to be enriched with an exceptionally high concentration of minerals, which promotes the balance and cellular regeneration of the skin.

Hyperthermal water of Ischia

The connection between Ixya and the Green Isle

The hyperthermal water used in our dermocosmetic line comes from the sources of Ischia, the Green Island of the Gulf of Naples, famous since ancient times for its extraordinary thermal springs. The link with Ischia is the basis of our identity: from the legends relating to the prodigious waters of this volcanic and magical island, our laboratories have traced extraordinary mineralogical properties. Thanks to the hyperthermal water of Ischia, Ixya products offer superior effectiveness in the treatment and care of the skin.