Identikit of the Negombo Hyperthermal Waters



The waters are defined as hyperthermal as they reach temperatures above 40°C, and are naturally richer in beneficial minerals than classic thermal waters.



The invigorating effect of the hyperthermal waters of Negombo is almost immediate, and is indicated by the slight tiredness that is felt after bathing.



The hyperthermal waters of Negombo are salt-alkaline, that is, rich in sodium chloride, and therefore favor the drainage of liquids.


The park

The Negombo Thermal Park represents a paradigmatic example of integration between exotic botany, geothermal resources and artistic valorization. The interaction between these different souls is the secret behind the uniqueness of the Negombo experience.

Lush Gardens

Lush Gardens

The Negombo thermal park is located in the San Montano Bay, a deep inlet nestled between Monte Vico and the Zaro promontory. In this area, among the most evocative of Ischia and among the richest in thermal wells, a rich bathing culture has developed since the first decades of the 20th century. The current Negombo garden is the result of a long development work begun in 1947, which continues today.

Around the world

Around the world

The Negombo project has had a cosmopolitan nature since its origins. It was founded by Duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini, a Venetian entrepreneur and anti-fascist, who initially intended to create a botanical garden. To this end, he introduced numerous exotic plants and gave the project a Sri Lankan name, inspired by his many travels.

Art and Health

Art and Health

In the Negombo park there are spectacular waterfalls and new thermal experiences, which go far beyond simple pools, with installations such as the Labyrinth, Maya, Templar, Omphalos and Nesti. Furthermore, the landscape is enriched by an artistic journey, which includes numerous works of contemporary art, among which the large ceramic arch by Arnaldo Pomodoro, "Arc-en-ciel", stands out.